Saturday, November 11, 2006

My Day

My day was pretty cool today. I went to my bro's work to eat.I had a chicken chedder club.MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM......It was really good. Then i went to wallmart. I got need for speed carbon!!! It is really fun.
School this week was broing.But, on friday we (us good kids with less then 3 missing assignments) got to have pizza and got to the gym to play some b ball and watch a movie. I watched Cars. Its pretty sad but, that was the first time I saw that movie. Here are my grades for this marking period.
Home Ec-A
Social Studies-A
Grade Point Average-4.000 (out of 4.000)
My parents really like my grades, thats why I got Need For Speed Carbon. I did better than all of my siblings. I am really happy with myself.
I have a girlfriend.Her name is madie. I really like her, like a lot. She is so cool.
Some of my friends: Sammy,Jake C.,Jake S.,Steel O.,Zack R, Julia T., Kendra S.,Beth D. Elizabeth M., and many more. If i forgot u tell me.
Well, thats all for now

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Sammy said...

Your my friend and your cool! I'll tell ppl about ur blog too :)